The Last of the Court of Us Nerds: Part 2


Hint: there is no part 1.

Welcome to another thrilling episode of the Court of Nerds talk Politics!

Well, okay. We talk a bit about politics.

Also we talk about The Last of Us Part 2. And LGBTQ representation in games. And Ori and the Blind Forest. And Tik Tok (seriously).

It's a real banger of an episode where the arguments don't matter and the points don't make sense.

Or something.

  • What Kevin's drinking: Crunkle Sam 2020 by Clown Shoes
  • What Gregg's drinking: Black is Beautiful -- hosted by Weathered Souls Brewing co, and brewed by Almanac Brewing Company
  • What Maj is drinking: Some kind of mushroom tea of some kind?

Unbreakable Court of Schmidt


What it do, nerdy-dudes and dudettes!

This week, we discuss the big, protested elephant in the room. And also how brilliant Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is. And Kung Pow! Enter the Fist. And a decision Activision made that probably pissed off a fairly large chunk of their player-base.

What Kevin is Drinking: The Famous "Narragansett Lager"

What Gregg is Drinking: Anchor Brewing's "Brewers Pale Ale" 

What Maj is Drinking: Some kind of mushroom tea? I think?


Seizing the Nerds of Production


Hello, and welcome to another (semi-monthly) episode of the Court of Nerds!

This week, Kevin, Marjorie, and Gregg embark on a wild adventure with The Gospel of Midnight, lay down fisticuffs in Indivisible and Streets of Rage 4, and discuss the brilliance of the TV show Community.

Oh, and at one point, Kevin sings. It's Bucky O'MAGICAL.

Things you should check out:

- West Coast Avenger's Gregg's new Twitch Channel!

- Cosgrrrl's brand new Issue #1 - "Elemental: Origins"

- The charity organization Modest Needs

The Brews:

What Kevin is Drinking: Clown Shoes Brewing Company's "Cashed Up Bogan"

What Gregg is Drinking: Camino Brewing Company's "N120 Pilsner"

What Marjorie is Drinking: anti-inflammatory Tumeric Tea (because she's an old soul)

Jort of Nerds: It’s Secretly a Food Court Episode in Disguise


Pickles and Sweatpants and Hot Wings OH MY!

In this Court of Nerds SPECIAL EPISODE...

Grant, Kevin, and Gregg fart around and talk about the most important topics of the day.

Such as... 

  • What is your favorite kind of pickle?
  • Sweatpants or Jeans?


  • What is the hottest thing you've put in your body?

Come for the total and complete inanity, stay for the silly nonsequitors and YouTube-comment-level conversation.

What Kevin is Drinking: "I wish it had snowed more this Winter" - EvilTwin Brewing

What Gregg is Drinking: "California Lager" - Anchor Brewing

What Grant is Drinking: "Total and Complete Garbage" - White Claw Hard Cider


Comic Con (of Nerds): Errybody’s Gettin’ Cancelled


What's Courting, my Nerds?

This week, Kevin, Rachel, and Gregg discuss recent Convention cancellations, some sad news in the Voice Acting community...

And controller design. Because why not?

Hope you're staying safe and staying hydrated!

What Kevin is drinking: "Some People Are Immune to Good Banana Stout" - EvilTwin Brewing Company

What Gregg is drinking: "Big Wave Golden Ale" - Kona Brewing Company and "Bohemian Pilsner N120" by Camino Brewing Company.


COVID of Nerds: on Lockdown


What it do, contented introverts and stir-crazy extroverts! It's a new episode of The Court of Nerds!


We discuss Diamond Comics, the new Disney/Pixar film Onward, E3, SPROTS, and some dumb quarantine stories.

The Drinks

What Kevin is drinking: Sixpoint Brewery's Atomic Res

What Gregg is drinking: Sierra Nevada's Coffee Stout

What Grant is drinking: "stirring in [his] own juices"

Some Important Plugs

Make sure to check out Grant's Kickstarter: Sidequest #1 (there's still time left to donate, if you're able!)

And Maj's IndieGoGo: COSGRRRL: The Elemental Series

Court of Nerds: Frozen 2, Icy Boogaloo


Greetings ladies and germs!

In this episode, we talk about boozy treats, the new Ori release, just how fucking stellar Castevania is, and we actually do break down how the Frozen sequel is Really. Damn. Good. 

Hold on to your surgical masks, we're about to get weird!

Court of Olive Garden: The DC Comics Struggle


We're definitely not sponsored by Olive Garden.

But if you're there, and you're family, contact us, and we'd love to tell you "no" to your face.

This week on The Court of Nerds...

Kevin, Marjorie, Grant, and Gregg discuss the Sonic the Hedgehog movie (and why it's actually doing well at the box office)...

Maj takes us on a magical journey into why The Mandalorian is more subversive than you'd think.

Kevin explains why some gamers are not nearly as bad as everyone expects them to be IRL.

And Grant debunks some popular theories about what's happening with DC Comics right now.

Make sure you check out Grant's Kickstarter for his new comic!

And support Marjorie's work with Cosgrrrl on Indiegogo!

What Kevin is drinking - Conehead the Beerbarian by Kings County Brewers Collective

What Gregg is drinking - Double Nut Brown by Mammoth Brewing Company

What Maj is drinking - literal dirt water.

What Grant is drinking - H20

(Court of)Nerds of Prey: Ragnarok


Strap in for the fantabulous emancipation... of our brains from the new DC extravaganza, Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey.

Kevin, Grant, Marjorie, and West Coast Avenger Gregg talk about how (and why) Birds of Prey is struggling at the box office.

The Dice & Drinks crew also discusses the awesome new Netflix series Ragnarok, and The Pharmacist. And for some reason the Taylor Swift documentary. My Hero Academia gets a plug (as it always should).

Oh, and of course, Grant splooges over Money Shot, Isola, and some incredible new work from Close Personal Friend Steve Orlando.

What Kevin's Drinking: "Dunkin' Summer Pale Ale" from Harpoon Brewery & Dunkin' Donuts

What Gregg's Drinking: "Two Tun Imperial Stout" by Hermitage Brewing Company

What Marjorie's Drinking: Detox Tea with Fennel, Cardamom, Tumeric... and a Coca Cola!?

What Grant is Drinking: Generic Chamomile Tea ("made with a tea bag")

Court of Nerds Episode #169: SDCC an all that can be…


Drew, Gregg, and Rachel are in studio talking... well... nerd stuff...

Mainly SDCC, but also what ever comes across the table too.


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