Jort of Nerds: It’s Secretly a Food Court Episode in Disguise


Pickles and Sweatpants and Hot Wings OH MY!

In this Court of Nerds SPECIAL EPISODE...

Grant, Kevin, and Gregg fart around and talk about the most important topics of the day.

Such as... 

  • What is your favorite kind of pickle?
  • Sweatpants or Jeans?


  • What is the hottest thing you've put in your body?

Come for the total and complete inanity, stay for the silly nonsequitors and YouTube-comment-level conversation.

What Kevin is Drinking: "I wish it had snowed more this Winter" - EvilTwin Brewing

What Gregg is Drinking: "California Lager" - Anchor Brewing

What Grant is Drinking: "Total and Complete Garbage" - White Claw Hard Cider