Seizing the Nerds of Production


Hello, and welcome to another (semi-monthly) episode of the Court of Nerds!

This week, Kevin, Marjorie, and Gregg embark on a wild adventure with The Gospel of Midnight, lay down fisticuffs in Indivisible and Streets of Rage 4, and discuss the brilliance of the TV show Community.

Oh, and at one point, Kevin sings. It's Bucky O'MAGICAL.

Things you should check out:

- West Coast Avenger's Gregg's new Twitch Channel!

- Cosgrrrl's brand new Issue #1 - "Elemental: Origins"

- The charity organization Modest Needs

The Brews:

What Kevin is Drinking: Clown Shoes Brewing Company's "Cashed Up Bogan"

What Gregg is Drinking: Camino Brewing Company's "N120 Pilsner"

What Marjorie is Drinking: anti-inflammatory Tumeric Tea (because she's an old soul)

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