That’s So Braven #11: WWE Hell in a Cell, The Shield’s return


Ben Raven is back using his vocal chords and not just his fingers as he and Drew talk being in the crowd for WWE Hell in a Cell 2017 and a reaction to The Shield's reunion tour. 



Very Fine! Episode 4: Kirman meets Paw Patrol…I think?


Hey beautiful babies! 


This week Grant's spouting love sonnets to Robert Kirkman's brand new book, a sequel to the incredible Infinite Loop series, and NAW MAN HE AIN'T GONNA READ THE DOOMSDAY CLOCK PREVIEW! 

Also, there may or may not be a new segment where Grant pitches a gritty Paw Patrol comic to IDW. Shit's straight gooftown, m'man. 


Mr. Sledge’s Neighborhood #23 - Jumping the Garden Wall


Holy cow! Someone get Sledge a lozenge, that was a long podcast. Apperntly Google is going to become the new Apple. Maybe we will all have our own personal gardens with ladders going over walls? 

Man, I'm tired of using metaphores. 


The Court Of Nerds Episode #117: We Got Bunn Hun


We got Bunn hun!

Cullen Bunn that is. 

Bunn is the mastermind behind the wildly inventive and phenomenal Dark Ark from Aftershock Comics plus about a bazillion other books. Bazillion. It's a number. Look it up. 

Bunn talks about why he initially hesitated to take x-Men: Blue, what he thinks about writing comics as a Dad and horror movies! 

Follow Cullen on Twitter here, check out his website or get in on his excellent Patreon


Mr. Sledge’s Neighborhood #22 - Tickle Me Qubit


Do want to listen to a middle aged man talk in an irreverant and slighlt condecending manner about things that only he might find interesting?

That's every podcast you say.

Well, here's another... 

Sledge talks about Retro Gaming... Again... Zuckerburg... Google... Cuphead... some otherthings...

He looses count afterwhile.

Mr. Sledge's Neighborhood... now with twice the cheesey goodness thanks to Tom and Chee.


The Court Of Nerds Episode #116: Origins and Grilled Cheese


Right out the gate, we are PROUD to welcome our newest sponsor TOM+CHEE in Grandville! We love grilled cheese, we love donuts and we love this place. Super excited to welcome them to the team. 

Jon has da newz, with everything from WWE to what's on TV!

We've been seeing these ads EVERYWHERE from SyFy celebrating their 25th anniversary as a network. One in particular caught Drew's eye, something about the network's origin story. So he thought it would be fun to get the Origin Stories from the Court of Nerds. Sledge, as always, takes the gold. 


Mr. Sledge’s Neighborhood #21 - Quite Playing Games With My Wallet


Sledge does a comerical call back to Sledge on Gaming, talks about a board game he will most likely fund, and takes shots at Atari for no reason other than he is a cranky old man who doen't want people to have nice things.

But, hey, it's just as free to listen to it as it is to ignore it.


Very Fine! Episode 3: “Fawning” Ain’t Just About a Deer, Mon Frere


Rub it down, riblets!


This week we're gonna mouth-fart about mawfuggin' Neal Adams getting his Deadman on, the mo-bleepin' Doomsday clock (ed. note: the character in question was Pandora), the DARK FLIPPIN' ARK, and shootin' some love at CoN sponsor Tom + Chee! 


Muscle up your heart tubes for some comic lurve!


Very Fine! Episode 2: The Return of Foil!


Word up Rumpkins!

Today we're chit-chatting about the return of Quantum & Wood & Foil Variants, the new Justice League creative team (OH SHIT YOU GUYS), some new NON-MARVEL Star Wars books, and the time Batman tried to murderfy a baddie!


The Court Of Nerds Episode #115: Sexy Mutant Children


Welcome to our Fall Movie and TV Preview! We go through the 5 biggest movies of the Fall for nerds plus why Drew won't be seeing Disney's Coco. B-Stick of GR Comic Con fame joins us to give a lecture on why you should be watching a show about hunky kilts, Stacey still hates Riverdale and Jon (GASP) loves Star Wars. 


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