The Court Of Nerds #105:


The Court is back in session in the studio to talk about a plethora of topics ranging from the Rock in a bathing suit, to Stacy being wrong about Spider-Man 2, and a murder plot on Power Rangers at Comic Con.

Oh, and the Wonder Woman reviews are in... and The Nerds hope it lives up to the hype. 

Also, Stacy and Drew go into fist-a-cuffs over who gets to say "Delightful."

Everyone knows Sledge get's to say "Delightful." 


Mr. Sledge’s Afterparty: PWNed Portfolios


Tired of seeing your friend paying off their student loan debt faster than you can respawn in Battlefield? Maybe you should turn your love of games into an investment opportunity?

Also, Sledge isn't liable for the advice he gives... because he has told you multiple times what a terrible person he is. 


Mr. Sledge’s Neighborhood #9 - Foamy Goodness


For some reason this week, Sledge is less offensive than usual. Maybe it's because he just returned from the Midwest and is used to being nice to people instead of shanking them before the shank him as is the custom in New England. 

He also skimped on the topics... so thanks Sledge.

Unfortunately he talks about physics and math. 

In other words, don't listen to it while driving unless you want to fall asleep at the wheel. 


The Court of Nerds Episode 104: Flops And Pepper Grinders


Oh boy, we were reeeeeeally full of it today. Straight into DA NEWS with Jon, which is quickly becoming a hit. We tlaked about major movie failures including (sorry B-Stick) Power Rangers maybe not getting those 6 sequels. Plus, it's TV cancellation season! One cancelled show has us severly bummed out but a new show trailer has us filled with hope! All this PLUS Stacey's uncontrollable laughter!!! 


Mr. Sledge’s Neighborhood #8 - Going In The Out


For all that is decent and reasonable, somebody needs to step in and stop Sledge from making these audible cow chips. Serioously, nobody really cares that much about games and science - fictional or non.

It's a quarter hour of a man enjoying making butt jokes. 


The Court Of Nerds Episode 103: Guardians 2 and Free Comic Bogaloo


The team is back together! Jon, Stacey and Drew talk about the latest news from around the nerd world and then it gets really real. 


We went deep dive on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, discussing our favorite moments and breaking down all 5 of those post credit scenes. 

PLUS we recapped our fun from Free Comic Book Day!! 


Mr. Sledge’s Neighborhood #7 The Poop Deck


The hystarical, onesided bantering continues this week as Kevin talks about a Gears of War movie, why Intel isn't king anymore, and reviews yet another beer. The Wheel of Insanity is back and now Sledge is going after some much smarter and much more succesful people.

It's only a matter of time before Sledge attempts to but his brain in a robot body... he will probably record himself doing it to...


The Court Of Nerds Episode 102: How To Connect Everwood and Marvel


Special guest BIFF TANNEN joins the show this week filling in for Jon who had to make pasta by hand all day. Or something. Go see Biff make musical mayhem FRIDAY at The Intersection. 

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 hits theaters this week! We're talking about what we want and don't want from this follow up film PLUS would James Gunn be a good architect for the Marvel Cinematic Universe? And have the Guardians films been overall good for the genre of sci fi? 

Also, Stacey manages to make a second Everwood reference. Seriously. Everwood. 


Mr. Sledge’s Afterparty #3: USFL


Sledge talks about why we can't have professional football in the spring and summer... and no it's not because of baseball, Grant. 


Mr. Sledge’s Neighborhood #6 There is Only War



This week Kevin talks about 8th edition Warhammer 40K, AMD's new graphics card, Project Scorpio... again, and reviews Dawn of War 3.

Plus the Wheel of Insanity is back, and Kevin talks about Net Neutrality.


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