Mr. Sledge’s Afterparty #10: The Blame Game


Sledge is a bit worked up (what else is new). Seems that all those video games he played as a child turned him into a ticking time bomb of violence.

Or it was gluten. Or the Dungeons & Dragons. 

I loose track as to what is to blame.


Court of Nerds Episode #133: Old Man Woman


What's up Jelly Bellies? 


Today in le Court du Nerds, Grant and Kevin take over for COMIC CAST 2018!! Listen to them preen over DC Comics' bold decisions! Observe them flip over Disney World's Star Wars attractions! Hear them over-analyze Black Panther! And marvel at their marveling over Marvel! 

You got brass ones like this kid? 


Listen up! 


Mr. Sledge’s Neighborhood #31: Constitutional Right to Drink Coffee


We all see what Sledge is trying to do. Cover up is complete lunacy with clever sound drops and a new intro.

well it won't work... unless you have already clicked the link... then it has worked... 

But that doesn't mean we like it.

Games, Phones, and horrible people congradulating each other as to how horrible they are. 



That’s So Braven #24: Elimination Chamber thoughts, SmackDown, more co-branding PPV rants


Ben, Drew, and Jon get nuts in the studio for this weekend's special Elimination Chamber preview show. The three jerks dive into each match and attempt to forecast WrestleMania based on our current status before diving into SmackDown, 205 Live and more chatter on WWE's move to co-brand every PPV starting in May. 


Sledge & Hammer: Episode #1 - How Hard Can It Be?


Kevin and Stacey are tired of their nerdy friends kicking them off the the group chat when ever they talk about cars.... so they made a podcast about cars that their friends should listen to. A poorly produced, rambling show that their friends should listen to.

By "friends" they mean Drew. 

Listen to them gab about cars, Grand Tour and Top Gear, and finding out what 4 cylinders can do. I mean, they only plan on talking for fifteen minutes. 


The Court of Nerds #132: The Comic Signal Is LIT!


First off, how did it take us THIS LONG to get out to the Comic Signal? Seriously! We caught up with the first family of the Comic Signal, Don Myers and his daughter Michelle. We talked about how they want you to be part of the family too, why Michelle isn't allowed to touch Don's comics and what you can expect Saturday at their 2 year anniversay party! 

Honestly, this one is a lot of fun. Best believe Don and Michelle will be back on the show for a longer sit down soon!! Be sure to head out Saturday for their anniversary party, get all the info by clicking here!


That’s So Braven #23: Co-branding PPVs and the insane Monday Night Gauntlet show


Benjamin Raven discuesses the recent announcement that starting after WrestleMania 34 that WWE would co-brand each and every pay-per-view show. He doesn't like it. 

The Angry Raven also dishes on the insane performance from Seth Rollins in the two-hour Monday Night Raw gauntlet match. (Photo:


The Court of Nerds #131: Project Shadow Breed Is Back!


Justin and Josh from Project Shadow Breed stopped by to discuss winning Comix Central's Storyline of the Year award, give us an update on publishing and give mad praise to their editor aka Justin's wife. 

Buy Project Shadow Breed

Like PSB on Facebook

Like the reason you can actually read PSB, their wonderful editor Holli! 


Court of Nerds Episodio Especial: the Liam Sharp Interview!


We were fortunate enough to have a chat with DC exclusive creator Liam Sharp about his upcoming mini-series Brave and the Bold!

Sharp opens up about his love for Wonder Woman, the cultivation of this book, and the struggles he endured over his 30-plus year journey in comics...also, how easy it is to be mistaken for Greg Rucka. 

The Brave and the Bold, with Sharp pulling double-duty on art and writing, goes on sale February 21!


Mr. Sledge’s Afterparty #9: Above and Beyond


Do get to talking around the water cooler about the crazy cool thing that happened and it turns out someone has a different opnion than you about that topic?

Happens to Sledge all the time... you think he would take a hint.

This time he has an opinion about Space Exploration...


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