Mr. Sledge’s Neighborhood #4: Zest of Life


Kevin continues to push the boundaries of what would normally constitute a podcast. Talking about things that only poindexters and nerf herders would care about, Sledge talks about super expesive LEGO blocks, Super duper expensive chucks of resin, and reviews Teen Titans: The Judas Contract

As if disappointing listeners wasn't enough, he decides to bore them with the history of the Emperor of Mankind from the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

If your a Patreon listener, be ready for "Mr. Sledge's After Party!" 




Court of Nerds Episode 101: Ol’ Moneybags Gets RAGEY


The gang talks about the colossal career suicide from Ardian Syaf, and goldern ol' Moneybags Miller drops an angry bomb on the studio. CONSARNIT, APPLE


Mr. Sledge’s Neighborhood #3 Viagra Folgers


Sledge talks about the new phone he's going to get: The Samsung "Don't blow up in my pocket" S8, the new Necromunda Game that isn't called Necromunda, he reviews Mass Effect Andromeda, and he talks about GameStop for some odd reason.

You read this much, you might as well listen to it as well.


That’s So Braven: Wrestlemania 33 Special!


Braven is joined by Jon and Drew to talk Wrestlemania 33 excitement level, match predictions and a look into the future! 


The Court of Nerds Episode 100: HERE COMES THE WATERWORKS


Oh snap, is it 100 already? Everyone came down with a heavy case of the feels on this one. 


Mr. Sledge’s Neighborhood #2 Goblin Musk


Holy cornhole, Sledge still has a show after last week. What are they thinking? Is there no quality controll? Is there now human resources to complain to? Sledge talks about outdated board game pieces, middle aged men who drive cars on TV, and then complains about grading things even though he does it every week.

What a jerk.


Mr. Sledges Neighborhood #1


For some reason the rest of the The Court of Nerds thought it was a good idea to give Kevin his own seriel podcast. Man that was a mistake. Kevin squanders their trust by talking about electric board games that make music, a Tolkien themed beer, and rants for eternity about something called the conservation of angular momentum when dealing with time travel.

Welcome to the first episode of Mr. Sledges Neighborhood.

May The Emperor have mercy on his soul.


That’s So Braven #8: Ben and Droo talk wrestling in studio (!)


Whoa, what's that you ask? That's So Braven doesn't have intro music, editing or anything else fancy you say? 


Benjamin Raven is in studio for this week's epsiode of That's So Braven as he and his very first guest, Drew "Droo" McCarthy, talk WrestleMania season, Raw at Joe Louis Arena and more tomfoolery. Enjoy the new introduction as this begins to sound like an actual show. 


The Court Of Nerds Episode 99: Mark Hodges Returns!


We always love the chance to sit down and talk with Mark Hodges of Grand Rapids Comic Con!! We talked about the new additions to Comic Con for 2017 including some VERY cool YouTube stars, Mark's nerdy lady staff plus we all geeked out over Billy Dee Williams. Stick around to the end for a VERY special announcement!

Get all your GR Comic Con info by following them on Facebook and Twitter and be sure to check out their website for all the info you need to know. 


Court of Nerds: West Coast Avengers #1


A new foe has appeared!

West Coast Avenger Gregg is joined by Part-Time Avenger Kenneth (from Bam!Pow!TV and Retrofecta) to discuss Nintendo's latest moneyprinting Legend of Zelda machine, the Nintendo Switch!

While official sales numbers have yet to be released, analysts estimate that the Switch is trending towards 8 million total console sales by the end of 2017.

Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime says it even exceeded "first 2-day sales in Americas for any system in Nintendo history."

For comparison, the Wii sold 600,000 consoles in it's first 8 days (the Wii U may have sold, perhaps 50), and the Xbox One and Playstation 4 took approximately 18 and 14 days, respectively, to have sold about 2 million.

Hardware issues notwithstanding, the Switch's capability of being both a home console and a mobile device is impressive. Even better is that it does so with relative ease.

Less impressive is the lack of proper online functionalities. Currently, the Switch only allows you to save your data onto a microSD card (but that is not transferrable between consoles), and does not currently offer cloud storage for data.

On top of this, adding friends is a major pain (ugh. FRIEND CODES? AGAIN?), and the lack of proper social interactions beyond being able to post meme-worthy screenshots on Facebook and Twitter feels like a major oversight. Also, there's no Netflix or Hulu yet (but that is coming "in due time" says Fils-Aime).

While the library is similarly lackluster, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a solid launch title, which is single-handedly skyrocketing sales of the console worldwide.

So... should you drop the $299 for a Nintendo Switch?

Kenneth and Gregg break it down!


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