The Court Of Nerds Episode #124: Killing Them With Show Tunes and GRCC Exclusives Mark Hodges!


WE'VE GOT EXCLUSIVES on who will be coming to GR Comic Con 2018! 11 BIG announcements!!! MARK HODGES!!! PARTY TIME!! 


Mr. Sledge’s Neighborhood #27: Sledge’s Gift Giving Guide


Happy Capitalist Consumption Month. Sledge has a bunch of products that you can buy for other people with your disposable income in hopes that they reciprocate in some manner, be it with love, or cookies, or grandma knitted wool sweater. 

I'm told it's the thought that counts, but American's have time and again proved that we don't think... so, I'm not getting my hopes up.


That’s So Braven #17: Smarkin’ out with Matt on WWE’s current state and Cody and Young Buck’s self-funded show


Ben's co-worker from real life Matt Durr joins this week's show to breakdown the current WWE product, the potential game-changing self-funded show from Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks, Okada's magical 2017 and a little Royal Rumble. 

It's easily the smarkiest episode of That's So Braven to date. 


The Court Of Nerds Episode #123: Catching Up!


It's been awhile since we just did a normal old podcast and it felt....fighty? Jon, Drew and Stacey are back together in the studio for some good old fashioned catching up! Star Wars is on the menu plus the oversaturation of TV shows for nerds can't stop us from loving Runaways and Punisher. Oh and Justice League is set to lose it's ass. 


Mr. Sledge’s Neighborhood #26: A State of Unreality


Sledge does his normal schitck. Talk about news. Drink a beer. Talk about a topic.

But... damn... he talked about that topic for a long time. 

And it's a topic he discussed before.

Buckle up.



Very Fine! Episode 5: The Awkward Good-Bye


Hey, that's my dark meat, ya lunkhead!

On today's episode we (the royal "We," because it's just Grant) talk about the End of Eddie, Axel Alonso's Marvel Departure, Friend of the Court Sean Lewis' new Image book, and going bananas over a new book featuring ETRIGAN!!


Good stuff, but not as good as stuffing your greasy mouth hole full of Thanksgiving pleasures.


That’s So Braven #16: Ben talks Survivor Series while cooking a Thanksgiving dinner


The title is 100 percent true. 


That’s So Braven #15: WWE Survivor Series — in studio w/ Drew and Jon!


OHHHHH, snap, Ben's back in the studio with Drew and Jon, and let's just say that things get a little inappropriate right off the bat. The boys are in studio talking all things WWE Survivor Series. 


Court of Nerds Episode 122: Talking WWE Survivor Series with DC’s Steve Orlando!


Jon, Ben and Drew take advantage of the opportunity to talk wrestling, WWE Survivor Series and Enzo Amore with Steve Orlando of DC Comics! 


Mr. Sledge’s Neighborhood #25: Hoppy Island Hopper


Sledge has an important announcement for all those who have hypolactasia. 

He also talks about a military contractor suing a software entertainment company, video game streaming, toy manufactures, and why EA is a giant bag of dicks (no offense to bags). 

He also reviews three beers.

I think he has a drinking problem. 


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