That’s So Braven #23: Co-branding PPVs and the insane Monday Night Gauntlet show


Benjamin Raven discuesses the recent announcement that starting after WrestleMania 34 that WWE would co-brand each and every pay-per-view show. He doesn't like it. 

The Angry Raven also dishes on the insane performance from Seth Rollins in the two-hour Monday Night Raw gauntlet match. (Photo:


The Court of Nerds #131: Project Shadow Breed Is Back!


Justin and Josh from Project Shadow Breed stopped by to discuss winning Comix Central's Storyline of the Year award, give us an update on publishing and give mad praise to their editor aka Justin's wife. 

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Court of Nerds Episodio Especial: the Liam Sharp Interview!


We were fortunate enough to have a chat with DC exclusive creator Liam Sharp about his upcoming mini-series Brave and the Bold!

Sharp opens up about his love for Wonder Woman, the cultivation of this book, and the struggles he endured over his 30-plus year journey in comics...also, how easy it is to be mistaken for Greg Rucka. 

The Brave and the Bold, with Sharp pulling double-duty on art and writing, goes on sale February 21!


Mr. Sledge’s Afterparty #9: Above and Beyond


Do get to talking around the water cooler about the crazy cool thing that happened and it turns out someone has a different opnion than you about that topic?

Happens to Sledge all the time... you think he would take a hint.

This time he has an opinion about Space Exploration...


That’s So Braven #22: Tales of WWE Elimination Chamber’s past


Benjamin Raven is back, and this time around he is breaking down every Elimination Chamber match that has ever, and I mean everrrrrrr, happened. From the poopy ECW one, the thrown together 2015 Chamber show to the better memories, our Angry Raven covers it all. 

Oh, yeah, he also offers a peek ahead to WWE Elimination Chamber 2018, reveals his three favorite and three least favorite chamber matches and what he believes is the simple recipe to success. 


That’s So Braven #21: Raw’s lack of substance, also WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME/WHO AM I


WWE Monday Night Raw will have you believe they're being revolutionary AF with all the milestone women's matches, but I'm here to call BS. There is zero storyline for these women, there is zero direction, there have been no Raw women's championship matches on TV since October. 

WWE Monday Night Raw (during WrestleMania season, mind you) is coming off as someone playing WWE Universe mode and just simulating to the end of the month PPVs. 

Also, I (Benjamin Raven) explain who I am after 20 episodes and put out a wrestling cry for help. Follow me on Twitter @BenjaminSRaven and us @Court_of_Nerds. 


Mr. Sledge’s Neighborhood #30: Keeping Your Deck Dry


From Donkey Kong to Disney, Sledge doesn't know what he is talking about this week.

But at least the Eagles won the "Big Game."

That's something.


The Court of Nerds #130: The One With Biff And Grant


With so much to do, we literally forgot to break down the new Antman and Wasp trailer. So here's a quick breakdown:

It was awesome. 

Now, in this podcast you will find us freaking out for Black Panther, Grant explaining why he hates fun and happiness, Royal Rumble and Ronda Rousey reactions and we get Twitchy with resident CoN Twitcher Biff. Be sure to subscribe to his channel!


That’s So Braven #20: Royal Rumble, NXT, Ben’s return, SIGN POINTING Then, Now, Forever


Benjamin Raven, while a little rusty, returns after a one-week absence from his own show that bears his name. He talks about the Royal Rumble, NXT TakeOver, NJPW, Raw, SmackDown and 205 Live. The show was probably better off without him, but what the hell, right? 


Mr. Sledge’s Neighborhood #29: Sassy Soda


Sledge came around again for some reason (he isn't getting the hint guys), and spoke some more innanity into existance. 

Something about costly whoosa-a-ma-whutzits and Star Battles with toys. 

Oh and beer. That we can all get behind.



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