Court of Nerds Special: Talking ‘Isola’ with Brenden Fletcher & Karl Kerschl!


On this Episodio Especial we get to talk one of our favorite new books with its creators: Brenden Fletcher and Karl Kerschl!

The two gents reminisce about their first encounter (savage Kerschl burns), their developing tastes in the arts (Fletcher as the taste-maker), and all the different wonderful aspects of their epic fantasy book!

Isola number 2 drops May 9th!


The Court Of Nerds #140: Avengers Assemble, Venom Go AWAY!


SPECIAL GUEST: Gavin from Tardy's Collectors Corner! Join us and Gavin on May 5th for FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!!!

We talked Avengers Infinity War, Marvel retail summit, that Venom trailer and Drew's rage over a single word plus how badly is DC outselling Marvel? We get into all of that plus some laughs and swears. 


The Court of Nerds Special: Westworld’s Shannon Woodward talks Season 2 SPOILERS


WARNING: Major spoilers for Season 1 and Season 2 Episode 1 of Westworld

Westworld 2.0 premiered Sunday, April 22nd -- and our own West Coast Avenger Gregg got the super special honor of interviewing Shannon Woodward (Elsie Hughes).

In this bonus podcast, Shannon discusses her favorite Season 1 fan theories, and takes us behind the scenes for one of the most complex TV shows ever made.

Also, Shannon and Gregg totally geek out over video games and board games and it was awesome.



Very Fine! Episode 8: Thought Bubbles and Wolvie’s Toes


This week on VERY FINE, we take questions with simple answers, and take a long time to get there: Where did comics books start? What happened to thought bubbles? What do Wolverine's toes taste like? 


That’s So Braven #26: WWE Superstar shakeup, Bruno, our Chris Jericho interview, more


After a well-deserved break from That's So Braven with his 34 Days of WrestleMania project, Benjamin Raven is back with a new episode of That's So Braven. He's walking around and venting, so bear with us. He has a new setup and system on the way. 

But, we're talking WWE Superstar Shakeup, the Living Legend Bruno Sammartino's death, our Chris Jericho interview, and more. (Image:


The Court of Nerds SPECIAL: Chris Jericho MAAAAAAAAN



Oh yeah kids. It's real. 

We got Chris Jericho on the show. 

Ben, Drew and Jon talk wrestling, rocking and the most ambitious wrestling event on the high seas. Jericho will set sail with a roster of Ring of Honor stars this October and we talked inspiration, booking and FOZZ RAPIDS with one of wrestling's icons. 


Book your cabins NOW maaaaaaaan, the ship of Jericho is filling up fast and this line up is INSANE! 


Very Fine Episode 7: Is Killmonger REALLY Gone?


Today on Very Fine! - Is Erik Killmonger dead forever? What's stronger: Wolverine's claws or Captain America's shield? Which of Ramona Flowers' seven evil exes would win in a battle royale?


The Court of Nerds #139: PSA’a and P…S…Your…A?



Jon, Drew and Biff got together to break down the latest Star Wars: Solo trailer, discuss pants tightening for the impending INFINITY WAR and more love for Black Panther before we went down a Twitch hole. The online game streamer has picked up steam (pun intended) in the main stream. What makes a good streamer? What makes you watch? 




Do that. Meow. 


Mr. Sledge’s Neighborhood #32: Pen, Paper, & Bugle Boy Jeans


Sledge brings back the gaming news with his usual lack of flare due to a failed charisma check. 

Unabashed at his failure he moves with alacrity and successfully rolls for a wubalubadubdub. 

Kevin talks some cross-over and pen and paper.

Plus some 40K RPG.

And Beer.


Very Fine! Episode 6: Does the Human Torch Pee Fire?


Hello swamplings!


We're switching things up today by answering some comic-related questions! 

1. Does the Human Torch Pee fire?
2. Who can stretch the furthest between Mr. Fantastic, Elongated Man, and Plastic Man?
3. Why does everyone hate Cyclops? 



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