That’s So Braven #31: Ian Riccaboni talks ROH’s growth, MSG show with NJPW, and being on the All In broadcast team


On this very special episode of That's So Braven, Ben and Drew were joined by the ultra-talented Ian Riccaboni of Ring of Honor wrestling. Riccaboni has been the lead announcer for ROH since early 2017, and he just happened to give us the never-before-heard story behind the day he got the call that he would become the lead voice of ROH. 

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Riccaboni goes into great detail on not only ROH's growth, but how he found out he was on the All In broadcast team and who his biggest wrestling play-by-play influences are (WHAT A MANEUVER). The diehard Philly sports fan even finds the time to help us preview another big show in ROH's Honor for All show set for Friday, July 20 from Nashville, Tennessee, and how genius Being the Elite is and all about this Rick A. Bonnie guy. Big Billy Joel fan. 

We're super thrilled for you guys to check this one out, and we can't wait to have Ian on again as he was a great informative and entertaining talk. If you haven't signed up for Honor Club yet (what are you doing with your life?), head to and sign up for Honor Club. 

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Follow Ian on Twitter by clicking here, and make sure to stay with us for any updates regarding Starrcast and All In Chicago weekend! 


The Court of Nerds Episode 152: SDCC Is A Thing


Ben and Drew get down on what's going down on the West Coast this week with San Diego Comic Con. The boys pondered James Gunn's big announcement on Friday and wanted to ask YOU a question as well:

Which BIG DC movie that's expected to drop a trailer this weekend NEEDS to be a hit for the company? Shazam, Wonder Woman: 1984 or Aquaman? 

Also Ben thinks the Aquaman poster looks like Finding Nemo and Drew still doesn't fix it in post. 


The Court of Nerds #151: World’s Greatest Grandma Spoilercast



Get ready to harvest some quantum energy with the Z team this week, because they take a deep dive into Ant Man and The Wasp. Sure they all stumble over their words and gush about Paul Rudd's abs, but they don't forget the true star of the show: the after credits scene. 

Pump up them Pym Particles, cause this cast is larger than life!*





*size of the cast not guaranteed 


That’s So Braven #30: Video Killed the Radio Star; NJPW G1 Special, Timebomb injury update, All In, more


Benjamin Raven brings the first video edition of That's So Braven with episode No. 30, so either stick here for the audio version or hop on over to The Court of Nerds YouTube channel to watch his crazy ass while he talks. 

Raven breaks down NJPW's G1 Special from San Francisco, gives an update on Hiromu Takahashi, Jim Ross, and the hotly-contested debate of WWE vs NJPW style in terms of performer safety. He also leads us through all the current headlines such as Dojo Pro, WWE heading into Extreme Rules and, of course, the latest news concerning Flip Gordon, 10 pounds of gold, STARRCAST ON FITE TV and All In. 

NJPW G1 Special 2018 in San Francisco results and reaction


The Court of Nerds Episode 150: We’re Really Bad At Numbering


We are really good at a lot of things here at Court of Nerds but counting is CLEARLY not one of them. While this is Episode 150, that does not include a lot of our early work, interviews, side-casts, one offs and other bullshittery. 

THAT BEING SAID we had a few drinky poos and sat down to record this "episode 150". We had a lot of fun and pulled back the curtain on some "behind the scenes" and also Jon gets up at one point to get more drinks. Because that was a good idea. 

Narrator voice: It was not a good idea. 

ALSO, click on our Amazon link meow and bookmark it! THANKS! 


The Court of Nerds #149: Here, Hold My Star Wars…


The Z team is back. Marjoire and Stacey talk intelligently about movie news while Sledge tries his best to derail the conversation with his stupid retorts. They start off strong by talking about Jon's favorite movie franchise... Winnie the Pooh. Wild speculation about the direction of the MCU ensues while the cast consume their favorite beverages which somehow turns to the topic of fishing. They close out the show shit talking Comcast and hoping for a better future where Disney owns everything.



That’s So Braven Quickie: ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ review


"Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom" is one of those movies where you go in expecting a lot of thrills/stupid to be built on not that much of a backstory. so when there's not enough stupid or thrills to go along with the paper-thin backstory, the end result is going to be kind of flat. 

Review at


The Court of Nerds episode #148: Sweetwater FOR EVERYONE



So we've got a new home studio set up that we've been playing around with. Hopefully, you guys enjoy it. Jon, Sweetwater aka Austin, Drew and Young Lion Isaac are on this week for your listening enjoyment. They gave some E3 thoughts, talked about the DC movieverse and recapped a fun night at RAW and Sweetwater's weekend with WWE. 

Oh plus Jon spills some beans. Beans are spilled. 


That’s So Braven Watchalong Special: Vader vs Ric Flair for the WCW title at Starrcade ‘93


Let’s remember one of the greatest big men in professional wrestling history by joining Benjamin Raven in a special watchalong of Vader vs Ric Flair for the WCW world title at Starrcade ‘93. Follow the instructions in the podcast, and sit back and watch Flair and Vader work a brilliant, old-school affair in front of a lively Charlotte, North Carolina crowd. 

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Big Van Vader, known for wrestling around the world for WWE, WCW, and in Japan, has reportedly died at the age of 63 due to heart issues. 

Vader's son posted the news to the big man's Twitter account, and said that the wrestling legend died on Monday, June 18. 


The Court of Nerds BONUS CAST: Oculus and VR at E3


The Electronics Entertainment Expo is one of the biggest events in gaming and tech every year.

This year was no different, as hordes of publishers and developers showcased their wares and trailers, taking the hype train off the rails for a gnarly crescendo.

But what was it like on the ground floor?

In this BONUS CAST, Matt from Oculus joins West Coast Avenger Gregg to talk about what it was like at E3 2018 -- the vibes, the swag, and what's new and exciting in the world of VR Gaming.


(Image courtesy Virtual Reality Oasis on YouTube)

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