The Court of Nerds #147: Sledging E3


Whoops... we, uh... we forgot to post the show last week. We promise that there was some grand plans and cross country planning... then... it didn't happen. So we had Sledge do the whole episode.

We are sorry.

Blame Father's Day or something. We will back back with another cast this week to make up for it.



That’s So Braven #29: NJPW Dominion, NXT TakeOver, WWE MITB; feat. friends


That's So Braven #29 is an interesting episode as Benjamin Raven is fresh off binging through the night with NJPW Dominion, as Joey from Hollywood's World of Sports joins Drew, Austin and Ben as they also break down NXT TakeOver Chicago and WWE Money in the Bank. 

That's So Braven #28: Ben drinks some water that is sweet; MITB, NJPW Dominion

The show starts off with the new news with Raven leading us through the fantastic NJPW Dominion show that had just wrapped up about two hours before recording. It's an extra-long, extra-awesome episode. 


That’s So Braven #28: Ben drinks some water that is sweet; MITB, NJPW Dominion


Hey there, while this is still That's So Braven, Benjamin Raven has the semi-cool honors of officially welcoming Austin "Sweetwater" Brunner to the Court of Nerds fold. The two ham it up about their five favorite WWE Money in the Bank ladder match outcomes, fantasy rebook several of them from the past and even ham it up about New Japan Pro Wrestling's Dominion show. 

There are tangents, swear words and more. That's really all I got. 


The Court of Nerds #146: Steele & Sledge



The Z team have a new member, and Marjoire Steele brings her wit and pallet to the maincast this week. She manages to keep Sledge in line and pointed in the right direction… mostly… and they talk about the Four Pillars of Nerdery and how they are bad at math. 

Also, Bethesda has a new game coming out... and it's not Elder Scrolls for some reason.

Also, Also, Marjoire is sad that the current TMNT is coming to an end.

Also, Also, Also, Kevin is working on his wrestling lingo.

They probably should have stopped before it got to that.


The Court of Nerds #145: Spoilering Your Hopes And Dreams


Well hello there! 

Ben, Jon and Drew got together this week to do the following:

- Take asses 
- Kick names

Wait. No. 

HERE is what we actually talked about:

- SPOILERS for Solo and Deadpool 2
- Spawn casting
- Wrestling/All In/Starrcast


Court of Nerds #144: Captain Marveling at Shazam!


The Z team is back, and for some reason Grant let Sledge take over hosting duty. The show quickly goes down the drain from the starting gun where Kevin mainly dialogs about things that get his goat. Grant tries to rest control of show back by talking some comic book news, but the damage has already been done. The round out the show not talking about tech news...

I think we all learned our lesson. 


That’s So Braven #27: FOX pays $1B for SDLive, Somewhere Vince McMahon is holding his pinky to the corner of his mouth


Well, if reports are true, SmackDown Live will be moving to FOX under a five-year, $1 billion deal as first reported by The Hollywood Reporter. 

What does it mean? Does this really matter that much? Does everything about this deal somehow seem like a double-edged sword? Benjamin Raven breaks that down, and more, on the most recent episode of That's So Braven. 



The Court of Nerds Episode 143: Batflecking Batfleckery



It's time for our general nerdery to hit the world once again. Jon and Drew talk about Free Comic Book Day fun, how much moolah Marvel is making off Avengers, Solo vs DP2, Gambit and the desire of Batfleck to keep Batflecking. 

This podcast brought to you by Tom+Chee in Grandville, Tardy's Collectors Corner and Grand Rapids Comic Con! 


The Court of Nerds Special: Conrad Thompson talks Starrcast, All In and, oh yeah, we’re All In


Conrad Thompson, you know, the guy that hosts every wrestling podcast you hold near and dear to your heart joined the Court of Nerds to talk some Starrcast '18, All In Chicago while dropping an exclusive event and announcing some exciting news. 

Drew held the fort down as Conrad walks us through the Starrcast development, how he was "scared as shit" and his reaction to the show selling out in less than 30 minutes. Everything you need to know about the wrestling podcast and media convention leading into the Sept. 1 All In show, and a little Court of Nerds exclusive Starrcast '18 event news!

Buy those tickets to Starrcast at 8 pm tomorrow night . It's an insanely affordable weekend of fun, and is absoltely a wrestling fan's dream getaway. 

OH YEAH, almost forgot the little tidbit that Benjamin Raven, Drew McCarthy and Jon Calvaruso are All In and will be on Podcast row at Starrcast in Chicago. We can't wait to get Conrad back on to dig deeper, and we can't wait for our four-day Labor Day weekend in Chicago. 


The Court of Nerds Episode 142: Grumpy Old Men


Hasta la Hello, nerdaries!

In today's episode we ruminate on the THIRD Bill & Ted film, a NEW Batman TAS tabletop RPG, Microsoft adding extra steps, and breaking down the new flagship Avengers book!


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