Mr. Sledge’s Neighborhood #17 - That’s No Moon


Sledge just got back from a long week in Chicago so he threw a bunch of stuff together willy nilly and didn't check it for quality (as if he ever does). 

This week he talks about GamesCon in Germany and some of the things he's excited about and somethings he isn't excited about and somethings he doesn't really care about... #truthingamesjournalism


The Court Of Nerds Interview: Princess Story


Ian Mockerman & Julia Yob are the incredible minds behind Princess Story, coming to Dog Story Theater next month! Princess Story is a musical that makes you rethink genre and gender norms all while having fun and showing a whole lot of heart. Hear how they write, why they're so excited for this show and what they want to do next! LET'S SAVE THE DAY! 

Get your tickets for Princess Story by clicking here!

Check out some of Julia and Ian's previous work:

 TIP$ The Musical

Inferno The Musical



The Court Of Nerds Episode #113: Something Comic Con This Way Comes


It's the most wonderful time...of the yeeeeaaaaar...

GR Comic Con is right around the corner, so we cornered GRCC's ringmaster Mark Hodges and a very sleepy B-Stick to talk! We delve into some of the fun that's on the way and what really sets GR Comic Con apart. Plus plenty of laughs with a sleep deprived Britt. 

Get your GRCC tickets here right meow


Mr. Sledge’s Neighborhood #16 - Lathering Goolags


Sledge talks about the return of a beloved table top game and then reviews a return of a beloved video game character. 

Then he goes off on an angry tirade. Like really angry. Like NSFW levels. 

But he feels better now. 


Mr. Sledge’s Neighborhood #15 - Milk’n the Singularity


Sledge doesn't have much time to bullshit this week... 

That's not true, he was just busy...

That's not true, he just watched more TV than usual...

That's not true, he's just lazy.

Any-Who, Kevin talks about toy companies trying to buy movie studios, why he hates US anime localization, and lends his mediocre intellect to talking about Artificial Intelligence.

Plus he swears a little. 


Court of Nerds #112: Milkshake’n It


Gavin from Tardy's Collectors Corner stops by for a chat about SDCC, Scott Snyder, and Milkshakes...

Plus a little news.


Mr. Sledge’s Afterparty #6: Rey’s the Stakes


What are the chances that a dick joke laden episode turns into something a bit more informative?


Also check of for the comics that inspired the sound drops of this episode. 


Mr. Sledge’s Neighborhood #14: Post Racial Advertising


This week Sledge wades into troubled waters as he takes on a sponsor that really should have known better.

With West Coast Avenger Gregg covering the culture and social aspects of GRCC, and Droo, Stacey, and Jon covering their favorite trailers, Sledge will be talking about something that is never really discussed at Comic Cons... Comics. 

He then talks about the virtual barrage of Virtual Assistants, drinks a beer dedicated to an Incan god, and then spins the Wheel of Insanity.

I mean, what is "white space" exactly?


The Court Of Nerds Episode #111: SDCC 2017 TRAILERPALOOZA!



Sweet baby J, there was such an embarassment of riches coming out of this year's SDCC. Trailers GALORE! We react, break them down and educate Stacey on who the eff Steven Speilberg is. 

Here is are the links to the articles we reference from Uproxx and The Verge




West Coast Avenger Cast: San Diego Comic Con!


It's another West Coast Avenger Cast!

Gregg and Kenneth (from Bam!Pow!TV and Retrofecta) discuss their recent adventure at San Diego Comic Con. Why were there so many Mercy cosplayers? Is Super Mario Galaxy really all that good? What the heck was up with the Westworld and Game of Thrones experiences? And why is Dan Mintz's voice so velvety and sexy?

Peep it!


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