Reverse Centaur Episode 2 - Kenneth Has the Butter


Holy hell, poor Gary really got it in the end, eh? EHHHHHH??


Well, in this episode the gang traipses around the royal city of Vilknare, checking out the shops, and, in Grundel's case, makin' a little coin. WITH VIOLENCE. 

Also, we had a bit o' trouble with ol' Dick Sledge's audio, but fear not, 'tis the last snafu we shall have!


Theme music performed by Drew Alkema, whose work you can find HEEEEERE

Cover art designed by Scott Wygmans, whose work you can find HEEEEERE


Reverse Centaur Episode 1 - Poor Gary


Greetings Dungeons & Dragons players and fans alike! 


This is the premiere episode of the Court of Nerds' D&D podcast, Reverse Centaur! (Zero Session episode will be available later as bonus content, so Grant's welcoming isn't ENTIRELY a fucking lie)

In this episode, we get introduced to not just our merry band of adventurers (Ffrip, Grundel, & Yvanna), but also the players behind them: Kevin "Sledge" Carley, Gregg "West Coast Avenger" Aronica, and Marjorie "Maj" Steele courtesy of Cosgrrrl. 

We plan on releasing these weekly, so buckle your chastity belts and hold on to your fudgicles, because here goes REVERSE CENTAUR EPISODE ONE!



TSB #18: We go ALL IN on Wrestle Kingdom 12, Chris Jericho and the Royal Rumble


Ben, Drew and Jon come together for one of the better episodes of the much-maligned That's So Braven. The boys, in studio, talk Wrestle Kingdom 12, Chris Jericho, Cody and the Bucks' ALL IN show on Sept. 1, and the Royal Rumble, among other deviations. 

Tis a good one, so buckle up and all that. Also, Cease and De-Suck It. 


The Court of Nerds #128: Rob The Badger


No, the title of this episode is not a Firefly reference. It is however the name of our old friend Rob "The Badger" O'Neil! Issue #2 of his Grand Rapids Griffins comic hits your eye holes THIS WEEKEND so go get your grubby little paws on it. 


Court of Nerds Episode #127: Wars in the Stars


The Court gets all "spoilery" with the lastest movie about space wizards. 

If you haven't seen Last Jedi yet... what is wrong with you? Also, go watch it and not listen to this is you care about main plot points not being revealed. 


Court of Nerds Episode #126: A Year in Review


Let's face it, 2017 was a giant bag of armadillo testicles wrapped in tin foil and smashed with a hammer. Nobody asked for it and we certainly didn't want the results... But, there have been some good things that have happened in nerd culture over the past 365 days. In this jam packed episode we cover more than just the "Four Pillars of Nerdery" and take deep dives into self reflection and intropection...

Just kidding, we talk nerd stuff for over an hour and a half. Enjoy!


Mr. Sledge’s Afterparty #8: Kenneth has the Butter


Sledge has allot of mixed feelings about the House of Mouse buying 21st Century Fox. He wonders if we are indeed heading toward a Mouse-i-cracy. 


The Court Of Nerds Episode #125: Jon Talks Last Jedi


The Last Jedi is almost upon us. What will it be? What do we know? How much dough will it roll into Mickey Mouse's already fat wallet?

Jon has it all for you. The Force is strong in this one. 


The Court Of Nerds Episode #124: Killing Them With Show Tunes and GRCC Exclusives Mark Hodges!


WE'VE GOT EXCLUSIVES on who will be coming to GR Comic Con 2018! 11 BIG announcements!!! MARK HODGES!!! PARTY TIME!! 


Mr. Sledge’s Neighborhood #27: Sledge’s Gift Giving Guide


Happy Capitalist Consumption Month. Sledge has a bunch of products that you can buy for other people with your disposable income in hopes that they reciprocate in some manner, be it with love, or cookies, or grandma knitted wool sweater. 

I'm told it's the thought that counts, but American's have time and again proved that we don't think... so, I'm not getting my hopes up.


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