That’s So Braven #25: WWE clears Daniel Bryan, the WrestleMania matches that disappointed Matt and Ben the most


Whoa, this week's episode of That's So Braven was supposed to solely be based on Matt Durr and Benjamin Raven's biggest WrestleMania disappointments of all time, but then WWE cleared Daniel Bryan for in-ring activity. 

The show starts with the two's thoughts on the Yes! Man, before digging into the matches that had them hyped before the bell rang but left them crying once it rang again. 


Sledge & Hammer: Episode #2 - Buy, Borrow, & Break


Kevin and Stacey are back and have twice the number of fans than they started with last time. Bringing all the automotive news that a non-visual medium can deliver with hot takes sprinkled around like bits of asphalt on a Mid-Western road. 

This week, these two modify the age old game "Marry, F@#k, Kill" but give it an automotive twist with "Buy, Borrow, & Break." What qualities does Kevin look for in a wife... I mean car? What is Stacey's dream car to lay down some rubber with? What car does Kevin think terrible people drive between the dog park and spin class? Find out this week!

Also, Stacey gives her opinion on this new season of Top Gear and at least we didn't talk for an hour this time.

Be part of the conversation! Submit your "Buy, Borrow, & Break" choices in the comments section of the website, the CoN Facebook page, or on the CoN Twitter. We will pick our favorite and read them next episode!



The Court of Nerds #135: Our Benfriend Is Back And He’s Gonna Kick YOUR ASS


Benjamin Raven rejoins the main cast, Drew and Jon, to briefly discuss WWE FastLane, the road to WrestleMania and then he disappears into the night. After the asshole leaves, Jon and Drew talk about Jon Favreau taking on a live-action Star Wars TV show for Disney's streaming app, and more movie news including early reactions to Ready Player One. 

The people at the SXSW premiere were those involved with the movie and a couple of hardcore film journos. Take that as you will, sounds great and Speilbergy. 


The Court of Nerds #134: We spoiled everything


On this week's episode of the Court of Nerds, the crew spoils everything in regard to Black Panther and Star Wars Rebels, takes on the 2018 Academy Awards, and Jon and Drew plan to breakdown emotionally on each other over Christopher Robin. 



Court of Nerds Episodio Especial: the Stephanie Sheh Interview!


Consider us officially bowled over: we got the chance to chat with one of the premiere voice artists working today in Stephanie Sheh!

She opens up about the incredible level of care that goes into voicing a character (like her work in the incredible Your Name), fleshing out Katana from DC Super Hero Girls, and why it's allllll about the Kellogg's baby. 

For more on Stephanie check out her Twitter, Facebook, and her official page!



Mr. Sledge’s Afterparty #10: The Blame Game


Sledge is a bit worked up (what else is new). Seems that all those video games he played as a child turned him into a ticking time bomb of violence.

Or it was gluten. Or the Dungeons & Dragons. 

I loose track as to what is to blame.


Court of Nerds Episode #133: Old Man Woman


What's up Jelly Bellies? 


Today in le Court du Nerds, Grant and Kevin take over for COMIC CAST 2018!! Listen to them preen over DC Comics' bold decisions! Observe them flip over Disney World's Star Wars attractions! Hear them over-analyze Black Panther! And marvel at their marveling over Marvel! 

You got brass ones like this kid? 


Listen up! 


Mr. Sledge’s Neighborhood #31: Constitutional Right to Drink Coffee


We all see what Sledge is trying to do. Cover up is complete lunacy with clever sound drops and a new intro.

well it won't work... unless you have already clicked the link... then it has worked... 

But that doesn't mean we like it.

Games, Phones, and horrible people congradulating each other as to how horrible they are. 



That’s So Braven #24: Elimination Chamber thoughts, SmackDown, more co-branding PPV rants


Ben, Drew, and Jon get nuts in the studio for this weekend's special Elimination Chamber preview show. The three jerks dive into each match and attempt to forecast WrestleMania based on our current status before diving into SmackDown, 205 Live and more chatter on WWE's move to co-brand every PPV starting in May. 


Sledge & Hammer: Episode #1 - How Hard Can It Be?


Kevin and Stacey are tired of their nerdy friends kicking them off the the group chat when ever they talk about cars.... so they made a podcast about cars that their friends should listen to. A poorly produced, rambling show that their friends should listen to.

By "friends" they mean Drew. 

Listen to them gab about cars, Grand Tour and Top Gear, and finding out what 4 cylinders can do. I mean, they only plan on talking for fifteen minutes. 


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