Court of Nerds #161: The Lion King is Dead, Long Live the Lion King



Drew and Kevin are supposed to talk about Disney movies, Black Friday sales, and the best Table Top & Video Games of 2018. Instead they jibber jabber about Injustice 2 and set up a play date on air.

Tune in next week when we actually have an adult on the cast.


The Court of Nerds #160: The Bitch is Back


It has been a month sense the court last met for their signature "Main-Cast" and what a month it has been. Drew, Ben, & Sledge convene to see if they still know how to make a podcast (spoiler alert: just barely). This week they tackle:

  • Will they go see a PG-13 Deadpool, and why does such a thing exist?
  • Speak in platitudes about Tom King and Mitch Gerards and the ending of Mister Miracle
  • Talk about why Ben & Sledge should never have a working light saber.
  • Why the answer to the question: "Should we kill Jason Todd?" needs to always be yes.
  • And finally Ben and Drew will wrap up Grand Rapids Comic Con coverage

Happy Thanksgiving Nerds!


The Court of Nerds #159: The Soul Still Burns… Should I Get That Checked?


This extremely long episode is what happens when Sledge and Hammer do a Z team cast together. It goes wildly off topic into metaphysics, tautology, theology, economics, societal contracts… stuff you’re not supposed to talk about when do a pop culture nerd cast…

Sledge started editing it all down, but realized they only had about five minutes of relevant content: So he left it all in… foibles and all.

Topics: Doctor Who, Netflix & Disney, Constantine: City of Demons, Soul Caliber VI, and…. Nike.

In retrospect, we all knew this was going to happen.


The Court of Nerds Episode #158: Extra Life!


WE BACK! Jen and Phil from Extra Life Grand Rapids are here to talk about gaming, in game purchases and their kick ass SAVE A LIFE event! 

Sign up to play or donate by clicking here! 

Get tickets for SAVE A LIFE here! 


Sledge & Hammer #9: SEC Yah


It’s been a while sense Kevin and Stacey has talked about cars… I wonder if they have moved past the whole Elon Musk and electric car fixation?



Well, the Paris Autoshow surely pulled them off this topic, right?



How about a pop quiz about the largest car manufactures and who will be around in 20 years?


Then I guess just listen to them ramble… It’s what Sledge does best anyway.

Plus. New Intro


That’s So Braven Special: ‘Star vs The Forces of Evil Giveaway,’ creative space


Yes, you're in the right place. Disney Books Group hit me up to host a giveaway for the "Star vs The Forces Evil" inspired "The Magic Book of Spells," and it seemed like too good of an opportunity to pass up. 

The Disney XD show is ridiculously adorable, insane and yet inconceivably relatable, and I can't recommend it enough. Drew turned me onto this show a couple of years ago, and here we are. 

Also included in the giveaway is one of Stars’ wands, headbands and some wand enamel pins. The book itself is listed at $19.99, and is available online and hit stores earlier this month.

All you need to do to score this killer prize package is rate, review and subscribe to The Court of Nerds on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts, take a screenshot showing you completed the aforementioned task and send it to the Court of Nerds on Twitter, Facebook or email at

Seriously, that’s it. Prove to us that you rated, review and subscribed and we’ll write your name (or email address, social media handle, etc.) on a piece of paper, put it in a container and draw in a Facebook Live broadcast.

Since we might be joined by some new listeners, I did a brief rundown on myself Benjamin Raven, the group, our podcasts, our history and what we're about. This is typically my wrestling-centric show, so at the end of the episode I touch on my in-ring training starting a bit and a wrestling show you need to check out. 


The Court of Nerds #156: In Defense of GR Comic Con w/ Mark Hodges


What a night for Drew to be all by his lonesome! 

Following what seemed like a benign announcement from our home Con which you can find here, the internet exploded in every direction. Accusations flew wildly, things were said and videos were made. 

At the end of it all, GRCC founder Mark Hodges is here hoping to provide some answers, dispell some myths and rumors and hopefully set the record straight. 

Normally, this is not the type of podcast we do with Mark but we wanted to make sure he had the chance to say what he felt he needed to say about everything. We hope that people listen to the whole thing, hear what Mark had to say and make a choice from there.

Every story has 2 sides.


That’s So Braven #39: No contest


WWE Hell in a Cell ended in some seriously historic confusing fashion. Host Benjamin Raven dives into that and more in this episode of That's So Braven. 

You can listen here and anywhere else you get your podcasts, but please find away to subscribe, rate and review The Court of Nerds podcast. Here is the link to our iTunes page, support us any way you can! Thanks!


The Court of Nerds #155: Capes in? Capes out? What is it all about?


So yesterday, many believed (including us) that Superman actor Henry Cavill was exiting the DC Universe. That coupled with the consistent reports that Batfleck ALSO wants out lead us to record this podcast last night. We put some spit shine and polish on it, in an effort to make this one sound good for once and got ready to post it... it's revealed that Cavill was only out of his cameo in Shazam. 


We did a lot of exploring about how to reboot the DCEU if it does need to happen and broke down a lot of interesting biz. 

At least this is still better than Cavill's edited out mustache? 


That’s So Braven #38: All In, Starrcast, we’re getting bad at numbering


It's been one week since we set up shop on Podcast Row at Starrcast, and Ben is feeling the best he has all week so why the hell not record some thoughts on the convention and having orgasmic seats for the historic All In show. Con sickness is real, and Ben hasn't slept in 10 days but he still loves you. 

You can listen here and anywhere else you get your podcasts, but please find away to subscribe, rate and review The Court of Nerds podcast. Here is the link to our iTunes page, support us any way you can! Thanks!


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