The Court of Nerds #110: Fem-splaining Regeneration



Jon does the news as a precursor to an in depth discussion on the new Dr. Who casting which leads to another discussion in inclusivity in Nerd Culture.

Jon and Droo try to keep up with Stacey and Brittani.

Everybody does their best British accent. Except for Jon... his is racist. 


Mr. Sledge’s Neighborhood #13 - Denim? Damn Near Killed Him


Sledge is back... not better than ever... but still back.

Hey, you downloaded this, you know what you're getting.


The Court Of Nerds Episode #109: Let’s Get Literal


WARNING: In this episode, there are Spider-Man: Homecoming spoilers!!!!

We are trying to get our groove back and baby, we might be finding it. If only Stacey could stop taking Jon and Drew so literally...

We've got the news you need to know in the nerd world PLUS our thoughts on Spider-Man: Homecoming and the future of the MCU. A reboot? A re...birth? LISTEN AND BE AT LEAST MILDLY ENTERTAINED!


Court of Nerds #107: The Silence Speaks Volumes


Droo, Jon, and Stacey are back in the studio after an extended summer hiatus bleary eyed, tired, and maybe a little drunk.

Remember, don't ask questions on the podcast. 

Breaking down Edger Wright's Baby Driver, looking forward to Spider-Man: Homecoming and Dan Harmond's  Rick and Morty.

Whose excited about cheeseburgers?





Mr. Sledge’s Neighborhood #12 - Extending Your Reach


Sledge has finally managed to get his voice back, and decided that he should use it shilling for sanitary products. Oh, and there is a new SNES Mini coming out. 

Sledge then wonders why Sony is nolonger supporting the Indie Games community.

It's another episode... now with 100% more Mechs.


Mr. Sledge’s Neighborhood #11: Sledge Does E3


Sledge felt that he had to do an E3 focused episode because that is what Nerdy podcasts are supposed to do... He does it grudgingly, but only because he was sad he wasn't in LA to witness it first hand. 

So listen to Kevin get excited about video games... which is honestly not that different than any other week.

Learn a new trick Sledge. 


Court of Nerds #106 : Never Underestimate WW… or Brenda


Jon and Droo bask in the presence of Brenda from the Vault of Midnight and talk more on Wonder Woman. 

Needless to say, mansplaining was not allowed....

Also, how how would you rank the "Chrises"


Mr. Sledge’s Afterparty #5


It's another week, and Sledge decided that it was time for another story instead of his egocentric preaching. So you might enjoy it more than normal.

It's a story about a man you know, and his heroism you may not know.


The Court of Nerds #106: “Do You Guys Wanna Play Lego’s”


Gavin and Dee from Tardy's joined the studio crew in the studio today. Jon and Gavin kicked Droo out to talk about the Wonder Woman movie. Droo later wishes they had left him outside when they start talking about playing with Legos. They also talk about why DC is killing it comics wise, and why Marvel is not.



Mr. Sledge’s Neighborhood #10 - Life, but Better


This week Sledge uses all that fat sponsor money to talk about gaming... both the table top and video game variety, breaks down the news from Apples Developer Conference and the coverage that followed, and then... for some reason reads a poem... probably because he's lazy.

But, it's a really good poem. 


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