Mr. Sledge’s Neighborhood #25: Hoppy Island Hopper


Sledge has an important announcement for all those who have hypolactasia. 

He also talks about a military contractor suing a software entertainment company, video game streaming, toy manufactures, and why EA is a giant bag of dicks (no offense to bags). 

He also reviews three beers.

I think he has a drinking problem. 


That’s So Braven #14: WWE is a beautiful disaster heading into Survivor Series


Ben breaks down Monday Night Raw, the tag team championship match between The Bar and Shield, Kurt Angle/Jason Jordan, SmackDown Live, the WWE Championship match and some speculation regarding the Kevin Owens/Sami Zayn situation. 


Court of Nerds Episode 121: Talking Shop with Shumphries and Chang!


Guten Aben, glip glops!


Today's special episode features the newest creators assigned to the best butt in the biz: Sam Humphries and Bernard Chang will be taking over Nightwing starting December 20th! 

Hear the boys talk Green Lantern, new Nightwing Baddies (featuring some EXCLUSIVE descriptions), and what do they think of the crazy-ass flapjack news about Brian Michael Bendis joining the team at the Distinguished Competitor!

You like dem boys? Y'all can give 'em a follow on the ol' Twitter or follow 'em on the Facebooks!



Mr. Sledge’s Afterparty #7: Credit-less


Sledge knows why they want to cancel the EV tax credit... He just thinks they are stupid for trying. 


Mr. Sledge’s Neighborhood #24 - The Downside of Demand


Sledge is back and running at 70% do to the fact he drank from everyone's lemonade cups at Comic Con. 

He talks about some space bugs, video games, and giant corporate retail...

Plus his son does another Tom + Chee advertisement. 

So maybe worth a listen. 


That’s So Braven #13: Less than wave block equals, I f*cked up


Ben officially reached a new level of rank for messing up with That's So Braven #12. Wow, here is his redo. He addresses the Russian source code nightmare/wet dream that was That's So Braven #12, WWE TLC, Raw, SmackDown and Surivor Series, and Grand Rapids Comic Con. 

Ooo wee. 


That’s So Braven #12: TLC, RAW, SMACKDOWN, SIEGE, WHAT


Welcome back to ... wait ... how do I do this again? 

Ben, by his lonesome, talks the weirdly satisfying TLC, Siege Night Raw, and SmackDown, with a couple of words on Grand Rapids Comic Con. 


Court of Nerds Episode #120 - Comic Con Recap


We are back and better than almost ever after a very eventful Comic Con. Listen in and find out the answers to some or none of these questions:

Is Kevin Sorbo as tall as he seems?

Did Greg Weisman purposfuly set out to make a sexual charge cross species show?

Does Ben use barbaque sauce to keep his beard fluffy? 

I can't promise you'll like the answers... or the questions... but it's still a good way to pass the time.



The Court Of Nerds Episode #119: Mark Hodges Pre-Con!


Our last chance to catch up with GR Comic Con founder Mark Hodges before the curtain rises on GR Comic Con 2017! Plus, Jon talks Star Wars. Is it even a podcast if Jon doesn't talk Star Wars on it?


Get YOUR Grand Rapids Comic Con tickets by clicking here NOW! 


The Court Of Nerds Episode #118: Gettin’ Twitchy With Porgs



Lots to get to this week so we decided to hyper focus. Star Wars: Last Jedi trailer breakdown is here for you. We just kinda let Jon go on these things, it gives him much joy. Also PORGS! 

We reintroduce you to the newest member of Court of Nerds, our buddy Biff! Biff is big on Twitch, and you should probably hangout with him on there. It's really fun and he's hilarious. 

Also, GR Comic Con Schedule for Court of Nerds!! 


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