Court of Olive Garden: The DC Comics Struggle


We're definitely not sponsored by Olive Garden.

But if you're there, and you're family, contact us, and we'd love to tell you "no" to your face.

This week on The Court of Nerds...

Kevin, Marjorie, Grant, and Gregg discuss the Sonic the Hedgehog movie (and why it's actually doing well at the box office)...

Maj takes us on a magical journey into why The Mandalorian is more subversive than you'd think.

Kevin explains why some gamers are not nearly as bad as everyone expects them to be IRL.

And Grant debunks some popular theories about what's happening with DC Comics right now.

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What Kevin is drinking - Conehead the Beerbarian by Kings County Brewers Collective

What Gregg is drinking - Double Nut Brown by Mammoth Brewing Company

What Maj is drinking - literal dirt water.

What Grant is drinking - H20